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Goh Ee Choo was born on 12 December 1962, Singapore.

Art Education
1979–1985 – Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
(Goh entered NAFA in 1979 to receive his first formal training in art. He left in 1980 to enlist in National Service but returned to resume his art training in 1983. Although he was known as one of the "three bad boys" at NAFA - along with fellow students S. Chandrasekaran and Salleh Japar - he graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts in 1985.)

1988–1990 - Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. Master Degree in Fine Arts

Influence and Philosophy
A Taoist who later became a follower of Tibetan Buddhism, Goh is an active supporter of H. H. Sakya Trizin and his sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Heavily influenced by his religious beliefs, he has produced works on Buddhism, including a series entitled Substantialism. In line with his Buddhist beliefs, he sees art as an embodiment of truth and seeks to attain truth in his works. This philosophy is integral to his art.

Goh is a versatile artist. He uses a range of mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolour, collage, relief, printmaking, pen and ink. His art includes paintings, installation pieces and performance work, and he is known particularly for creating innovative multi-media works.

His works have been exhibited both locally and internationally, as far afield as France, Denmark and the United States. He is also no stranger to awards. Since picking up the Tan Tsze Chor Art Award for Young Artists in 1985, he has won a string of awards, clinching the Jurors' Choice in the annual Philip Morris Singapore Art Awards not once but three times.

Selected Exhibitions
1983 - First ASEAN Youth Painting Workshop & Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand.
1985 - Environmental Art Workshop and Exhibition, Goethe-Institut Art Gallery, Singapore.
1985 - East Meets West, Alliance Francaise, Singapore.
1986 - Not the Singapore River, Arbour Fine Art Gallery, Singapore.
1986 - First Shell Discovery Art Exhibition, Shell Tower, Singapore.
1986 - 1987 : Artistes Contemporains de Singapour, Le Grand Palais, Paris, France.
1987 - Quintet, Arbour Fine Art Gallery, Singapore.
1987 - First Artists Regional Exchange (ARX), Blackswan Gallery, Fremantle, Australia.
1988 - Trimurti, Goethe-Institut Art Gallery, Singapore.
1989 - Third Asian Art Show, Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan.
1990 - Singapore Artists Speak, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.
1991 - Power Structure, Goethe-Institut, Singapore.
1991 - Many-In-One: 25 Years of Art from Singapore, travelling exhibition in the United States.
1991 - Second ASEAN Painting and Photography Travelling Exhibition, ASEAN countries.
1993 - The Rite of Silence, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore.
1993 - Art in Asia, World Trade Centre, Singapore.
1993 - The Co-Exhibition of Four Asian Artists, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan.
1993 - Sixth Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh Shipakala Academy.
1994 - Windows on Singapore Art, travelling exhibition to China and Hong Kong.
1994 - Third ASEAN Painting and Photography Travelling Exhibition, ASEAN countries.
1994 - 5 Directions: Recent Works by Five Young Singaporean Artists, Takashimaya Art Gallery, Singapore.
1995 - Four Currents: Creative Centre, National Arts Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1995 - Contemporary Art from Non-Aligned Countries, National Art Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.
1995 - Container 96: Art Across the Ocean, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1996 - Beyond Boundaries, NAFA, Singapore.
1998 - Trimurti and Ten Years After, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore.
1999 - A Brave New World, Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore.
2002 - New Works, Art Motion Gallery, Singapore.

Selected Awards
1985 - Tan Tsze Chor Award for Young Artists, Singapore.
1986 - Consolation Prize (Environmental Art), Goethe-Institut, Singapore.
1986 - First Prize (Representational Category), UOB Painting of the Year Competition, Singapore.
1986 - Consolation Prize, Kallang Art Competition, Singapore.
1988 - The British Council Fellowship in Fine Art, The British Council, Singapore.
1993 - Honourable Mention, Sixth Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh.
1994 - Visual Art Award, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore.
1996 - Jurors' Choice, Philip Morris Singapore/ASEAN Art Awards, Singapore.
1997 - Jurors' Choice, Philip Morris Singapore/ASEAN Art Awards, Singapore.
1999 - Jurors' Choice, Philip Morris Singapore/ASEAN Art Awards, Singapore.



1985年 - 毕业于新加坡南洋艺术学院。
1988-1990年 - 获得英国文化奖学金到伦敦(Slade School of Fine Arts)修读美术硕士课程。
1992年 - 到巴黎进修

1988年 - 联合两位艺术家共同制作“三相神”表演和装置艺术展。
1990年 - 返国举行“权力结构”美术个展。
1993年 - 在新加坡美术馆和台北美术馆举行大型装置联展。