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With a first degree in Science, Dr Chew Kim Liong (also known as Dr Leon K. L. Chew) extraordinarily became the first recipient of an earned PhD in Fine Art (Research) from Goldsmiths College, awarded by the University of London, UK. He returned to Singapore in 1997 as an art professor at the Nanyang Technological University. In 2002, he was selected to be the Dean of the School of Visual Arts at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He was then promoted to the position of the Dean of Academic Affairs, supervising all academic matters related to both visual and performing arts, before becoming the first Singaporean arts head to be hired by a reputable institution in the Middle East in 2008. He is currently a full-time professor of Arts and Creative Enterprises at the Zayed University in UAE. He is also a visiting professor of Art and Design Loughborough University in UK, and has recently served as an external examiner of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a PhD Examiner of the City University of Hong Kong, and a tenure reviewer of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. A scholar with interdisciplinary intellectual interests, including comparative studies of Eastern and Western visual arts, Asian culturo-philosophical aesthetics, contemporary Chinese art, art history, Southeast Asian arts, and visual arts practice, Dr Chew is also a practicing artist, visual arts resource panellist of many organizations, and a judge in numerous international art and design competitions. He has exhibited in solo shows and his modern Chinese painting artworks are frequently featured in curated art exhibitions as well as collected and commissioned by public organizations and private bodies in the world. His most recent exhibitions are an invitational three-person international show in UK in 2008, a group exhibition in Italy held in conjunction with the Venice Biennale 2009, a solo show hosted by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage at the Abu Dhabi National Theatre in UAE in 2010, and a group exhibition in UAE held in conjunction with the Art Dubai 2011.

Select Exhibitions
2012 - Crossing the Emirates, FN Designs Gallery, Dubai, UAE.
2011 - As the Saying Goes (An exhibition held in conjunction with Art Dubai 2011), Dubai, UAE.
2010 - Solo Exhibition of Modern Chinese Paintings by Dr. Leon K. L. Chew (First modern Chinese painting exhibition in the history of UAE), Abu Dhabi National Theater, UAE.
2009 - Emerge: Ways of Worldmaking (An exhibition held in conjunction with the Venice Biennale 2009), Venice, Italy.
2008 - Who am I to Disappear: A Dialogue between Landscape and Mind (Three-man show), Wrexham, UK.
2007 - Turning Point (An art exhibition held in conjunction with Singapore Art Show), Singapore.
2006 - NUSS [National University of Singapore Society] Fine Arts Exhibition, Singapore.
2005 - Txtrapolis: Contemporary Text-Based Art, Singapore.
2004 - Chinese Cultural Festival Art Exhibition, Singapore.
2003 - Creative Chinese Calligraphy and Contemporary Chinese Painting Exhibition at Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China.
2002 - Nokia Singapore Art at Singapore Art Museum, Singapore.
2001 - Solo Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Paintings by Dr. Chew Kim Liong, Singapore.
2000 - Solo Exhibition of Modern Chinese Paintings by Chew Kim Liong, Singapore.
1999 - Artist Notebook, Singapore.
1998 - Nanyang Technological University Fund-Raising Art Exhibition, Singapore.
1997 - The Society of Chinese Artists' 62nd Annual Art Exhibition, Singapore.
1994-1996 - Studio Exhibitions of Leon Chew at Goldsmiths, London, UK.
1993 - Exhibition of Artworks by Singapore Artists at Empress Place Museum, Singapore.
1992 - Asia Invitation Art Exhibition at Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Korea.
1991 - Singapore Art Fair, Singapore.
1990 - The Singapore-Japan Art Exhibition, Singapore and Japan.
1989 - National University of Singapore Diamond Jubilee Art Exhibition, Singapore.
1988 - Six-Person Discovery Art Exhibition, Singapore.
1987 - National Museum Centenary Art Exhibition, Singapore.
1986 - Young Artists' Painting Exhibition at National Museum, Singapore.

Select Collections / Commissioned Works
2012 - Zayed University, UAE.
2011 - National Art Gallery, Singapore.
2010 - Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, UAE.
2009 - Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage, UAE.
2008 - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.
2003-2007 - Private Collections.
2002 - Singapore Management University.
2001 - Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC).
2000 - Tung Lok Group, Indonesia and Singapore.
1999 - Private Collections.
1998 - National Institute of Education, Singapore.
1993-1997 - Private Collections.
1992 - Korea Culture Art Research Institute.
1991 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore.
1990 - The Chinese High School, Singapore.
1989 - Bangkok Bank Ltd.
1988 - Shell Companies in Singapore.

Select Consultations / Service to the Profession (Including Paid Service):
2012-date - International Committee Member, International Symposium on Education and Psychology (ISEP).
2010-date - Reviewer for International Journal, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives.
2012 - Curator, Third Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Dubai Students of Zayed University, UAE.
2011 - Panel Chair, “Teaching and Education”, The International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) Conference, Prague, Czech Republic.
2003-2011 - Key Member, Singapore Youth Award Advisory Committee, National Youth Council.
2010 - External Reviewer for Tenure, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
2006-2010 - Arts Resource Panellist, National Arts Council, Singapore.
2001-2010 - Key Member, Talent Advisory Panel for Visual Arts, People's Association, Singapore.
2009 - Curator, First Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Abu Dhabi Students of Zayed University, UAE.
2008 - Academic Panel Member, New Asian Imagination: Inaugural NAFA Symposium, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.
2007-2008 - Key Member, Singapore Biennale 2008 Steering Committee.
2005-2008 - Advisor, Life Art Society, Singapore.
2002-2008 - Selection Panel Chair, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Singapore Foundation Arts Scholarship.
2007 - Art Specialist Panel Chair, Singapore Cultural Medallion and Young Artist Award.
2007 - International Judge, International Year of Dolphin Art and Design Competition, Hong Kong, China.
2006-2007 - Conference Paper Reviewer, 15th World Conference on Cooperative Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
2002-2007 - Judge, UOB Painting of the Year Competition, Singapore.
2006 - Selection Panellist, Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Art and Design Exhibition.
2005 - Judge, Philip Morris Singapore Art Awards.
2002-2004 - Key Member, Syllabus Review Committee for Visual Arts Syllabuses, Ministry of Education, Singapore.
1998-2004 - Judge, Singapore Youth Festival Art & Crafts Awards.
2003 - Panel Chair, “Contemporary Calligraphy and the Chinese Aesthetic Pursuit of Abstruseness and Wonderfulness”, Third International Convention of Asia Scholars, Singapore.
2002-2003 - Vice-President, Society of Chinese Artists, Singapore.
2001-2003 - Key Member, Economic Review Committee Creative Industries Working Group Advisory Panel, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore.
2001-2002 - Art & Design Book Consultant, Oxford University Press / Times International Publishing.
1997-2001 - Art Specialist, Graduate Panel of Ministry of Education Recruitment Panels, Singapore.
2000 - Judge, Philip Morris Asean Art Awards.
1998 - Judge, Art Quest: Singapore Nation-wide Painting Competition.
1994-1996 - Chinese Art Consultant, University of London-Goldsmiths College, UK.
1992-1993 - Advisor, Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore.

Recent Research / Select Publications
2012 - "Reincarnation of Chinese Spirit in Arabic Form: Teaching Chinese Painting Theory and Practice as an Injection of New Curricular Dimension into the Art Education of the United Arab Emirates”, International Symposium on Education and Psychology (ISEP), Hong Kong, China.
2011 - "Teaching Art and Design in the Middle East: Exploration of Improvisatory Approaches of Education within the Arabic Culture of the United Arab Emirates”, International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) Conference, Prague, Czech Republic.
2010 - "East Meets West in Nudescape: A Fresh Look at Picasso’s Nude through the Eye of Chinese Landscape”, The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, Osaka, Japan.
2009 - "Beyond Contemporary Calligraphy: Long-awaited Fruition of the Chinese Pursuit of Abstruseness and Wonderfulness”, International Conference on the Arts in Society, Venice, Italy.
2008 - "The Cave Art of Dunhuang: Seeing the Thousand Buddhas in a New Light”, International Conference on Arts & Humanities, Honolulu, Hawaii.
2007 - "Trend of the Arts Education in Singapore”, International Conference on Asia Pacific Art Education, Hualien, Taiwan.
2006 - "Future Trends of Animation and the Training of Professionals in the Context of the Research and Development of Interactive Digital Media in Singapore and the Region”, International Animation Education Association International Forum, Beijing, China.
2005 - "Calligraphic Art: Writing ? Painting ? Non-Calligraphy ? Performance/Installation”, Txtrapolis: Contemporary Text-Based Art from Singapore (pp. 22-29), Singapore.
2002 - "An Investigation into the Minds and Thoughts of Zhang Daqian and Pablo Picasso”, Nanyang Arts (11), 22-26.
2001 - "Rote or Creativity: A Breakthrough in Looking into the Minds of Zhang Daqian and Pablo Picasso”, International Conference on Thinking, Auckland, New Zealand.
2001 - "Transcending Limits: A Centenary Journey from Traditional Chinese Calligraphy to New Calligraphic Art”, Huang Yao Retrospective (pp. 46-63), Singapore.
2000 - In between Natural Figuration and Spiritual Abstraction, Singapore.
1999 - "Zhang-Picasso Relationship Intriguing”, The Straits Times, 36.
1998 - "Young Picassos’ Picassos and Young Daqians’ Daqians”, Singapore Youth Festival Art & Crafts (p. 6), Singapore.
1997 - "Chinese Painting versus Western Painting: A Comparative Study”, Research across the Disciplines: Educational Research Association Conference, Singapore.
1995 - "The Summit Conference of the Art World”, Theory-Art-Practice: A Symposium for Fine Art Research, London, UK.

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