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Located on Levels 6 and 7 of NAFA Campus 1, the NAFA Library has the primary role of supporting NAFA’s teaching, learning and research activities, and meeting the information needs of NAFA staff and students.


The Library was established in 1938 and has grown from one bookshelf of Chinese art books to 100,000 volumes of books and journals in 2010. These monographs cover the following subjects: fine art, performing arts, fashion design, marketing and merchandising, graphic arts, interior design, jewellery design, multimedia, photography, management, education, geography and history.


The Library has 8 staff members serving a user population of over 2,000. NAFA Library embarked on establishing the Tanoto Foundation Centre for Southeast Asian Arts in April 2007, and in September 2011, launched the website [email protected] at the NAFA Symposium 2011.


Website: http://library.nafa.edu.sg