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Founded in 1840, Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan's (SHHK) main objects throughout its one and a half century of existence are the promotion of education, social welfare and preservation of Chinese language and culture. It established Tao Nan School in 1906, Ai Tong School in 1912, Chongfu Primary School in 1915, Nan Chiau High School and Nan Chiau Primary School in 1947 and Kong Hwa School in 1953. In 1955, it donated a plot of land as the campus for Nanyang University.

Besides funding and managing these six schools, SHHK also provides a range of scholarship, bursary and overseas training awards for its teaching staff and pupils. In terms of social welfare, the SHHK Tertiary Scholarship and SHHK Art and Cultural Scholarship are given to deserving candidates regardless of their race, religion and dialect group.









- Inculcating an interest in reading and writing the Chinese language
This includes organising the annual Chinese Literary Awards, which encompasses the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary essay writing competitions.

- Promoting ties among min-related clan associations;
The Hokkien Festival, a biennial event which will serve to create a greater awareness of the Hokkien culture especially amongst younger generations.

- Promoting Hokkien performing arts
The SHHK collaborates with traditional arts groups like Siong Leng Musical Association to present traditional Hokkien performances on a regular basis at the Thian Hock Keng Temple and other venues.

- Cultivating young talents
Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan also has its own Chinese Arts and Cultural Troupe that conducts various cultural classes like performing arts, calligraphy, Chinese language and Hokkien dialect.



- 提倡并培养对华文华语的阅读与写作兴趣。其中,最值得一提的是会馆常年举办文学奖,鼓励小学、中学及大专院校的莘莘学子从事文艺创作。

- 促进和其他闽籍会馆的合作,例如联办每两年举行一次的“福建文化节”。希望借着这个活动能够提高国人,特别是年轻一代对福建文化的认识,同时团结族谊。

- 定期与传统艺术团体如“湘灵音乐社”合作推广闽籍表演艺术。

- 成立文化艺术团培养年轻学子。文化艺术团成立于1986年,它所开办的课程包括演艺班、书法班、语文班以及闽南语会话班等。自1986年成立至今,已经有数千名学生从这些课程中受惠。