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The New Horizon Music Society was founded in Mar 1991 by freelance writer Mrs Kuo Effie Lo, as an ad hoc female ensemble under the name of Oriental Choir.

In Nov 1991, well known vocalist and Head of Music Department, the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Mr Li Lie Gang was engaged to be the conductor and vocal teacher of the Choir. The choir was officially registered in 1995 and changed its name to “New Horizon Music Society” in Feb 1999. It was awarded the IPC status from Oct 1999 onwards.

The objects of the Society are
- To promote the singing of art songs and folksongs through regular classroom learning;
- To enhance the appreciation of classical music, specifically art songs and folksongs, through the organization of relevant concerts and talks;
- To enrich members' love and knowledge in music, fine arts and literature.

Over the years, members of the New Horizon Music Society have organized and/or performed in many concerts with various artistic styles. The major ones include < A Night of Chinese Classical Songs > (1993) ,< An Evening of Poems and Songs > (1994) ,< A Rendezvous with Tang Poetry > (1995) etc in the early 90's and concerts held in recent years such as < Night and Day > (2004), < Gao Man Hua In Concert > (2005), < Let's Celebrate Spring in Splendid Voices > (Mar 2007), < I Have a Dream > (May 2007) , < One Song, One Dream > (July 2008) and < The Most Wonderful Time > (Nov 2008) , < Love as the Azure Sky > (Apr 2009) and < The Most Wonderful Time 2009 > (Nov 2009).



东华音乐协会的前身为东华合唱团,由资深作家 罗伊菲, 发起, 并联同多位热心公益的职业女性注册成立.

1991年11月合唱团邀请当时南洋艺术学院音乐系系主任 黎列刚先生担任指挥兼声乐导师。此后,在黎氏严谨的训练下,东华逐渐成长为一受肯定和注目的女声合唱团。

十八年来,东华经常受邀在各类文化,社团活动盛典上演唱,也参与举办了不少令人耳目一新的音乐会。 从早期的<华夏之歌>(1993),<宋词今曲>(1994),<唐诗新韵>(1995),至近期的 <日月之恋>” (2004),<神奇的绿宝石> ,<高曼华独唱音乐会> (2005),<声乐璀璨迎新春>及<我有一个梦> (2006/2007), <同一首歌>,<美好时光> (2008), <爱如蓝天>以及<美好时光2009> (2009), 年年举办风格独特,备受欢迎的音乐活动。