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There are 2 types of membership privileges available, the "T" categories are for online access only and the "P" categories provide access to both online and physical access to the Centre.

C - Card Access
D - Digital Access
Access to TFCSEA room (yearly) Digitized Collection login account (yearly) Loans Access to Library (yearly)
TFCSEA online membership
TA TFCSEA membership for Alumni/Club NAFAD No unless special permission granted $50 No loans $2 per entry
TI TFCSEA membership for IndividualsD $100 $10 per entry
TC TFCSEA membership for InstitutionsD $300 $10 per entry
TD TFCSEA materials donors without MOUD Yes, accompanied $50 Yes, accompanied
TM TFCSEA materials donors with MOUD Yes, FOC
Premium membership
PA Library + TFCSEA member for Alumni/Club NAFAC+D Yes, accompanied $100 General Loans avail Yes, with card access
PI Library + TFCSEA member for IndividualsC+D $300
PC Library + TFCSEA member for InstitutionsC+D $600


All rates shown are inclusive of 7% GST.


For enquiries on membership, contact us at ls@nafa.edu.sg




Tel: (65) 6512 4061
  (65) 6512 6135


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