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Fei Shen is the Senior Lecturer with the Department of Dance at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and is an adjunct lecturer at National Institute of Education.

She was awarded the prestigious Cultural Medallion in 1988, Fei Shen also serves as an Arts Resource member for the National Arts Council.

Fei Shen received her Masters in Fine Arts from New York University's Tisch School of Arts in 1992. She first trained at the Folkwang Hochschule for music, theatre and dance in Germany under the direction of Kurt Jooss. Upon completion of her studies in 1969, she was invited to join the Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Corporation as a choreographer and dancer. From 1985-1991, Fei Shen was the Artistic Director of the People's Association Dance Company, which was the first Singapore modern dance company to be presented at the Maison des Cultures du Monde in Paris.

Her works focus on the development of a unique contemporary dance drawing from other disciplines.

Some of her notable works include "Xi Fang Ping", a solo piece "Eddies", and "A Dance Through Fire", presented at La Mama Theatre in New York. In 1993, she was invited by L'Ecran Humain to choreograph "Garden of Earthly Delight", presented in Montreal. In 1994, she presented "Homecoming" - A Journey into the Space Within at the Tan Swie Hian Museum.


1992-1994 - 舞蹈硕士(美国纽约大学舞蹈系)
1966-1969 - 德国福旺艺术大学攻读音乐、舞蹈和戏剧课程。

1969-1970 - 担任香港无线电视台的舞蹈团总负责人兼编导。
1980-1981 - 担任国家剧场信托基金之编舞者和舞蹈指导。
1985-1991 - 新加坡人民协会艺术总监。
1995-至今 - 执教于新加坡大专院校及艺术机构,同时也是新加坡国立教育学院(表演艺术部)、新加坡国立大学(戏剧研究系)兼职老师。
2002 - 新加坡南洋艺术学院舞蹈系高级讲师。

1995-至今 - 担任新加坡国家艺术理事会之舞蹈决策。
2000 - The Necessary Stage艺术顾问。

1985-1991 - 担任人民协会艺术总监时的系列作品和演出~
1988 - 在日本民主音乐协会邀请下,赴日巡回演出。
1988 - 在法国巴黎演出。
-"Forms and Norms”
-"Next Step"
-日本演出-The International Universiade Festival
-"A Glimpse" - 1985年在新加坡参与第5届表演艺术亚洲节
-"Cultural Tableaux" - 第19届新加坡国庆表演

1968 - 在德国担任Essen Opera的特约舞者。
1972 - 在澳洲的亚德雷得节上,代表新加坡国家舞蹈团表演。
1992 - Eddies
1993 - A Dance Through the Fire
1993 - Garden of Earthly Delight
1994 - Homecoming - A Journey Into the Space Within
1995 - Broken Birds
1996 - My Body, My Choice
1996 - Homecoming II
1997 - River People
1998 - StairWaltz
1998 - Prayer
1999 - Earth and Matter
2000 - Strange Attractor

1988 - 荣获新加坡1988年文化奖。