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1979 - Bachelor of Education (Dance), University of Hawaii at Manoa
1989 - Master of Fine Arts (Dance and Theatre), University of Hawaii at Manoa
2006 - PhD in Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore

Academy and Administrative Experience
1998-1999 - Lecturer, Dance Program, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts
1999-2004 - Head, Dance Program, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts
2005-2007 - Part-time Lecturer, School of Performing Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
2007 - Head, Department of Dance, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Professional Experience
1985-1990 - Dancer, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, USA

Select Professional Affiliations
2001-2007 - President, Dance Association (Singapore)
2007 - President, World Dance Alliance (Singapore)

Select Consultative Service
1998 - Advisor, Lifeskills and Lifestyle (Dance), People’s Association
2000-2004 - Artistic Director, LASALLE-SIA Repertory Dance Company, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts
2002 - Judge, Singapore Youth Festival, Ministry of Education Co-Curricular Activities Branch (Dance)
2003 - Artistic Director, Menage a Trois, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts
2003 - Vice Chairman, Dance Singapore Dance, Dance Association (Singapore)
2005 - Assessor, Major Grant Recipients (Dance), National Arts Council
2007 - Chairman, Scholarship and Bursaries (Dance), National Arts Council
2007 - Chairman, ITE Dance Technical Committee

Recent Research and Select Publications
1999-2003 - Various articles and reviews. The Arts Magazine, Rachel Farnay Jacques, Ed. The Esplanade Co. Ltd.
2001 - "Creating a Dance Elective Program: A Proposal for Singapore”. Asia-Pacific Dance Bridge Conference Proceedings. Stephanie Burridge, Ed. Dance Association/World Dance Alliance (Singapore).
2004 - "Contemporary Dance and Identity: The Singapore Experience”. International Dance Conference, Taiwan Conference Proceedings. Janice La-Pointe-Crump, Ed. Congress on Research in Dance.
2005 - "Globalizaton’s Exciting Adventure: Intercultural Contemporary Dance Production (Singapore)”. Global & Local Dance in Performance. Mohd Anis Md Nor & Revathi Murugappan, Eds. Malaysia: Cultural Centre University of Malaya.
2006 - "Contemporary Expressions: Dance in Singapore”. Shifting Sands: Dance in Asia and the Pacific. Stephanie Burridge, Ed. Australia: Ausdance.

Select Choreography
1999 - "Lady with the Umbrella”. Lost Light. The Arts Fission Company. Alliance Francaise
2000 - "Enter that Subliminal Space”. Vision Quest. University of Hawaii, Kennedy Theatre
2001 - "To Jac, Laugh, Love and Dream”. Fantasy Creatures and Other Things.Ecnad Project Ltd. Jubilee Hall
2002 - "Rhapsody in Blue”. Menage a Trois. LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts. Victoria Theatre
2005 - "Silent Scream: News Bulletin”. Hope Street Reconstructed. LA Dance Connection. Lee Foundation Theatre.

Select Performances
1985-1990 - “Talisman”. Alwin Nikolais, choreographer. Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company.
1999 - "Lady with the Umbrella”. Caren Carino, choreographer. The Arts Fission Comp-an.
1999 - "The Passage”. Caren Carino, choreographer. LASALLE-SIA Repertory Dance Company.
- "Stone Fields”. Kei Takei, choreographer. Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company.
- "Craps”. Bill Evans, choreographer. Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company.
- "Creation du Monde”. Tandy Beal, choreographer. Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company.

Select Awards
1983 - Full Scholarship, Graduate Studies, University of Hawai’i at Manoa.
2004 - 1st Prize, Open Groups - Modern and Jazz Section. CSTD Asia-Pacific Competition. Commonwealth Society

Select Bibliography
1985-1990 - Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company
2001 - Asia-Pacific Dance Bridge
2005 - Global & Local: Dance in Performance
2006 - Shifting Sands, Dance in Asia and the Pacific


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