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Vaninshing Scenes of Singapore River China Town.

By Liu Kang, Foreword from book., 1983

Chang How has a humble beginning in his career. He has been a construction worker, a painter and an illustrator. At present his is a senior artist attached to the Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore. He is an uo-and-coming artist who is very much at home with his Chinese brush and ink. He has evolved a style of his own. His sketches depict the livestyles of the people, and the vanishing trades which once flourished in Singapore.If you take a closer look at his sketches you will realise that he has sketched vividly every movement of his subjects.

In his book of sketches, Chang How has carefully selected his art pieces which depict lives of hawkers, old and modern buildings and the once thriving Singapore River. These sketches will certainly help us to recall our Singapore of the past and will also serve as a reminder to each one of us that the present prosperity of our nation, has a lots of bearing on Chinatown and the Singapore River.

Layouts of IWS Watercolor catalgue/Chan Chang How - Singapore

By IWS - International Watercolour Society, www.international watercolor.com, 2012

Chan Chang how's artistic contributions to the Art World adn to Singapore in particular are considerable. His talents for original composition and his mastery of the water colour technique are truly astonishing. Chan Chang How has a sharp eye for unusual angles that make him stand apart from the others. Before long his talents were noticed and in 1988 hhe was also actively involved in group exhibitions and has held 2 solo exhibitions. "Rhapsody of Colours", "Expression of Faith" a charity exhibition for the Buddhist Library. In 2009, his watercolour painitngs were selected to be published in the French Art Magazine - Pratique des Arts in December issue. In 2010 his watercolour work was selected for exhibition in the Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial Exhibition china. In 2010, his work was selected for Watercolour Paintings on line (http://watercolorsoainting.com/cha-chang-how-singapore). In 2012, he was invited to attend the Indonesia Watercolour Society opening ceremony and his work printed in magazine.